"Welcome to my website : Nathan Diolot.com !
    Feel free to visit it."


"This is my cabinet ! Here you can see
    each of my finished projects."

"There you can see all my side ideas.
    From my youtube channel to other projects"

"If you want to contact me,
    you can click right here."

"You can click here to see on what
    I am working on right now."

"The music you can hear was composed
    by Jules Lagarde, his resume right here."

"Since kid, I love making
    videos. I love cinemas
    and telling stories
    through different medias.
    Check my first youtube
    channel : 'Kid Time',HERE !
    I kept making videos
    during my studies. You can
    check 'A Happy Family'
    a youtube channel with
    another Game Designer,
    Adrien Laurent."

"During my studies
    I made board or
    cards games.
    Some only are concepts,
    other exists phisically.
    I created a drive so
     you can check them freely.
    Others might come in
    the future, who knows !
    The Drive : 'Boardgames'"

"Almost each year,
    with my friends in France
    I organize the Nevent :
    a week where we reunite
    and make activities
    I have created. That can
    be a treasure hunt,
    quizzes or competitions,
    the goal is to have a fun
    during a week. It is,
    of course, inspired by
    Zerator's Zevent
    that we no longer present"

"You might know
    I love making games. I've
    made a lot of games during
    my studies (and more).
    I created a drive which
    assemble all of them.
    Warning, some are
    one week projects.
    Others are more advanced.
    I'll precise if it's in group
    or not !
    The Drive : 'Video Games'"

"These are my hobbies
    and annexes projects !
    Click on each one
    to learn more about it."

"These are my current
    finished projects !
    Click on each one
    to learn more about it."

"I present you Râkhonsou,
    an Unreal Tournament
    custom map made
    with the game's editor,
    a sort of Unreal Engine
    with the game's rules.
    It was a Capture the
    Flag mode and was
    built to be play in 6v6.
    I personnaly made most
    of the environment
    art for the map."

"This is Grandma RE:Quest,
    a Game Book made on
    Twine. It tells the story of
    yourself wanting to save
    your grandma who is sick.
    This is a narrative
    project with more
    35 differents endings.
    I've co-written the
    story and the dialogues
    of this textual game.
    PLAY IT NOW !"

"My 1st game: Unfairy tales
    is a boss rush musical game
    made under Construct 3.
    It will let you play as
    different characters
    ready to face the worst
    enemies coming out from
    13 various chapters.
    I co-directed this project
    worked on visual scripting,
    timing on animation and
    managing the team."

"Made with another level designer, Adrien Laurent, Râkhonsou is a 6v6 Capture the Flag map.
    This map was made within 2 months by only 2 persons. The graphic style and the level design
    was inspired by the fps from 2010's, these cartoon colorful and nervous games.
    After making a paper map, blockout and with the help of playtesters we finally made it on time.
    You can check the trailer of Râkhonsou RIGHT HERE !" (link to download it is in the description.)

"This prototype was made under 2 weeks with a group of 4 people. Our goal was
    to make all the menu and the first level of the game. We have a lot of other bosses ideas
    and we're playing to keep working on that game on a more complicated engine like Unity.
    We used musics from artists for this project, all the credits are in the description.
    But images are better than words, I let you check the gameplay RIGHT HERE !"